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The Merchant Exchange

Location: Charu Mountain crossroads
Rulership: Exchange run by Shadowy Council, Security run by Frost
Symbol: Exchange: A set of scales over a stylized cross, Dragoons: Profile of a white dragon head
Political ties: The merchant Exchange is a neutral party. They have been able to create agreements with almost all the local governments, and maintain neutrality through extensive trade pacts.

Formed in 685 SG, the Merchant Exchange is the work of a shadowy group of merchant royalty to bring together all the commodity trading under one roof. Recent political struggles, wars, and religious battles have hampered the growth of trade in the area, encouraging the merchants to move away from trading in disputed areas. They approached Dougan Frost and his Dragoons to provide security. With the political ties, hidden intrigue, and one of the most powerful armies in the realm guarding them, the Exchange is assumed to be safe from the turmoil in the realm.

NPCs of interest

Dougan Frost

- an ex adventurati, dougan took the loot of an ancient wyrm white and retired, forming the dragoons as a professional mercenary company. He has political connections with every city and the “information” he has on shady pasts has allowed him to establish himself as truly “outside the law”. His alignment is LN, leaning towards good. (He'll do pro bono work for good causes, especially regufees from chaotic disasters.)


A arms dealer, CE in every way. If he found out his mother's skull could make a great weapon he'd start sharpening an axe. He is looking for the ultimate evil artifacts. will trade a specific weapon for a reward


Minotaur spice trader from the southern empire. LG. Mostly there for avatar plot fodder, I may add a “bring me blah for a reward” if the southern empire is expanded.


A slave trader. Avatar plot fodder for “bring me blah slave”.


A member of the super secret silver thread. Part of a giant quest I'm tinkering with.


A member of the Dragoons, Rorn is a company medic. He is not a priest, but rather a surgeon and battle field medic.


The waitress. Secretly a member of assassin brotherhood.

Captain Kaval

One of the company commanders, since Frost is mostly retired, Kaval does the work, as well as negotiating more work for the Dragoons

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