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Here is a list of common shorthands used on Sundering Shadows. Feel free to suggest more via <game> or our discord channel.

OOC:Out of Character → The thoughts, feelings and actions of the player and applicable results/repercussions.
IC:In Character → The thoughts, feelings and actions of the character and applicable results/repercussions.
IG:In Game → Inside the game, or in the game world.
OOG:Out of game → Outside of the game, or outside of the game world (discord, facebook, RL).
RL:Real Life → Things that happen in our real lives or things that apply those lives and/or situations.
PK:Player Killing → Situations that involve characters attacking and/or provoking other characters.
RP:Role-play or Role-playing → Pretending to be our characters and things that happen in their lives.
MC:Multiclass → Characters with more than one class.
SC:Single Class → Characters with only one class.
PrC:Prestige Classes → Specialty classes applied to a character.
AFK:Away from keyboard → Quickly tells people you are stepping away from the computer.
BRB:Be right back → Lets people know you will be away from the keyboard for a short time.
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