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Rock gnome

Stat adjustments +2 constitution, +2 intelligence, -2 strength
Innate spells none
Size small
Standard alignments any non-evil
Classes restricted paladin, psion, psywarrior, inquisitor
Normal adventuring starting age 61-96
Average life span 350

Racial Traits

Hatred +1 to attack bonus when fighting goblins and lizardfolk
Gnome Magic +1 spell save DC for illusion spells cast
Illusion Resistance +2 to saves vs illusion spells
Academician +2 to academics skill


The most common of the gnomes, these clan-organized creatures live beneath the earth in burrows, usually in remote areas of hills and forest. They are fun-loving creatures that enjoy a sense of humor, and the occasional prank or friendly rivalry. They have a companionship with animals, particularly those that live within the earth as they do. Their skin is tan to woody-brown, with fair hair and eyes of any blue shade.

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