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Stat requirements: 15 intelligence
Alignments allowed: any
Cannot multiclass with: psion
Hitdice: d8
Saving throws: fort strong, reflex/will weak
Class Skills: academics, athletics, endurance, perception
Class Feats:L1: light armor proficiency, medium armor proficiency, heavy armor proficiency, shield proficiency, simple weapon proficiency, martial weapon proficiency, armored manifester, combat manifester
Also: two bonus hybrid feats at L1, and one every three class levels thereafter

Also known as psychic warriors, psyblades, or psyknights, psywarriors are able to turn their mind's potential to the warrior's art. Unlike psions, who devote all their energy toward developing their minds, psywarriors give equal attention to body and mind, honing their entire being into a deadly weapon. Most psywarriors favor one weapon type above all others, but some are adept at wielding various martial implements to great effect. Psywarriors thrive on adventure, knowing that only through adversity can they grow stronger. Most are fearless, and many relish the treasure - monetary, spiritual, or otherwise - that adventuring brings.

Psywarriors have a cleric's basic combat ability alongside six levels of psionic powers, making them formidable foes. They learn their power with the master command. Psywarriors cast spells by expending power points they prepared using the prepare command. To list available power points, use the recall psywarrior spells command.

Psywarriors learn to cast in any armor while wielding any weapon.

Psywarriors tend to rely more on their knowledge of melee combat, but they use powers to complement their weapons and to control the battle.

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