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**Plotting with Avatars - From an Avatar's Perspective - By LoKi**

About Plots

Plots and Stories are the reason we're all here. It gives us an opportunity to tell our own character's stories, and shape the world with new stories and new adventures. Stories are happening all the time, and plots generally take two forms:

  • Player Led Plots
  • Avatar Led Plots

The vast majority of plots are player led. When you talk about your character's back story in an inn, when you plot together with other adventurers to raid a dungeon, and every goal you have for your character. These are led by players and can almost entirely be handled by players. An avatar might be needed for guidance, or to add a scene, but the vast majority is done by players.

Avatar plots are when an immortal is telling a story. It can last from a single scene, to a large world changing arc of plots. It can also include just a single player, or a host of players on opposing sides.

How to set your character up for plots / get plots

There are a lot of ways to encourage plots around yourself. The first thing is to have a good understanding of character and their motivations (even if these are still being formed). Keep a good record of these things.

Background (help background) - Use background to write a public facing background. This can be as simple as an origin story, or a full story including up to date comings and goings.

pcnote (help pcnote)- pcnote is a powerful tool for you to keep small notes about your character that are hidden from other players but visible to yourself and to the avatar team. This is a great place to store secrets. Your background says you were born in Torm to a noble family. Your first pcnote says it was a lie, you were the child of the maid, and swapped at birth!

Both those can and should be a work in progress.

How to Encourage Plots

First and foremost RP with other players. use roleplay flags (help flag - flag roleplay flag as on) to gather characters and Rp together! You will make friends, enemies and player run plots will grow out of that. You can get avatar attention

Thought (help thought) will send a message to all online avatars. Use it to explain your actions, call attention to a room that might not have someone watching it. During a plot scene it also allows you to share what you are thinking and doing.

avatarmail will send mail to all of the immortal staff. While thought shares an immediate need, avatarmail can share larger plans and allow you to explain yourself. Avatarmails aren't always requests, sometimes they are just updating the avatars on what is happening with your player run plots.

Following Plots There are a few ways that plots can be followed whether you're in them or not.

Discord ( - On the discord 'world-events' section avatars will post happenings that would be noticed by the whole realm.

Local Boards - There might be updates on the local board

bboard (help bboard) - There is a virtual plot board accessible through the command bboard plots list. Avatars will be providing a list of ongoing plots and updates here.

mail - Avatars will respond to avatarmails and direct mails to your mail

Things to Remember

You can only have one character in a plot. If you find you want to change characters active in a plot, mail the avatar. This should be rare though. You can learn more in help alts.

Everyone involved in Sundering Shadows is here because we love it here. No one is getting paid and we all have responsibilities outside of the game that might take our time. If you don't hear about a plot or hear back from an idea don't stress. Someone will respond.

Plots involve secrets, and often involve conflict. You might not see all of what is happening, or even who is involved. If something doesn't make sense, ask, but remember that avatars might not be able to share everything that is happening or happened because other players are involved and it might overlap with their secrets.

Have Fun!

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