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Player housing is a good way for your character to leave a mark on the world. Players are encouraged to come up with good ideas and submit them, and keeping them limited in scope is the best way to get approved. Good ideas could be: A house in the woods, a garden of butterflies, or a small island with a few rooms.

RP will be prioritized for property locations. For instance, to build near the city of Shadow, the player will need to maintain proper relations with the city and be in good standing. Properties can be remodeled and added onto at a later date, do not feel the need to get a large sprawling property directly from the start. All properties need to have a physical entrance or means of entry in the sense of fairness - nowhere can be 100% isolated and inaccessible.

Properties are open to all characters when they have displayed a constant presence in the game. We understand that not everyone has the same daily availability, so we look to regular play instead. The character also has to be fully invested in the world, this means that it will be unavailable to those using the NoPK option to avoid conflict in their play. If you have several alts, we will only honor requests from your main character, as this does take a lot of time away from creators as well. As these locations will become part of Sundering Shadows, we do need to maintain certain standards. Submissions should be spell-checked and inspected for grammar before submission. Also, a level of quality with color use is expected, though we will certainly help out any players who rely on a screen reader.

We ask that property requests be limited to one per player in a six month period. It is expected that you have the funds to cover all costs before making requests, to respect the time of our volunteer coders.

All prices are in gold coins.

New Structures

Initial Investment (To start the project, includes purchasing land, permits, bribes, etc): 1 million


Base Room Cost: 250k (removing the different sizes of rooms to simplify the process)


Base Room Cost: 500k
Docks Known: 1 million each

Additional Features

Alchemy Lab: 2 million
Bulletin Board: 500k
Shop Ledger: 500k
Dock: 2 million
Dungeon (includes jail food of your choice, note you must still buy the room, locks, etc): 750k
Forge: 2 million
Library: 2 million
Personal Storage (limit one per character): 2 million
Vendor (shop, cafe, etc - per 10 unique items sold/produced): 2 million
NPC (guard, house pet, etc.) - Limit 12: 2 million
Spell-like Effects: 50k per clevel (max 50) and 50k per spell level (max 5), per charge (max 5, refreshes 1 per room reset). Only 2 spells permitted per property.
Magic mirrors/scrying foci : included in the base room cost

Teleport Wards

Level 1 (poor) (DC 25): 62.5k each
Level 2 (common) ( DC 35): 125k each
Level 3 (good) (DC 45): 250k each
Level 4 (rare) (DC 55): 500k each
Level 5 (epic) (DC 65): 3 million each
Level 6 (legendary) (DC 75), MAX): 8 million each

Scry Proof

Level 1 (poor) (DC 25): 62.5k each
Level 2 (common) ( DC 35): 125k each
Level 3 (good) (DC 45): 250k each
Level 4 (rare) (DC 55): 500k each
Level 5 (epic) (DC 65): 3 million each
Level 6 (legendary) (DC 75), MAX): 8 million each


Level 1 (poor) (DC 46): 62.5k each
Level 2 (common) (DC 56): 125k each
Level 3 (good) (DC 66): 250k each
Level 4 (rare) (DC 76): 500k each
Level 5 (epic) (DC 86): 3 million each
Level 6 (legendary) (DC 96), MAX): 8 million each

DCs are set with an assumption of a 25% chance for a max skilled character to bypass at legendary level.

No Phase: 2 million each

Any requests beyond the scope of the above will be subject to a discussion on a case by case basis. Renovations of rooms and additional features will cost half of the item's original cost. New rooms and features added will be the full cost.

Abandoned Player Properties

Player houses are considered abandoned and for purchase if the player (not the character) is inactive. A player is considered inactive if they have not played in the past three years and they are unable to be contacted. A player may relinquish this protection for their properties.

Property for a character who has been officially retired and converted to an NPC becomes locked and unavailable. If that retirement is reversed for whatever reason, the property loses any such protections in the future.

An abandoned property is valued at half the total cost of construction. Purchasing the property does not convey any further activity besides a change in ownership. In order for a player to be considered when purchasing old properties, they must have a detailed plan in place for the use of the space. In addition, if no progress is made towards that plan within two months the purchase price will be considered forfeit and ownership will be withdrawn.

Active characters that are both owned by the same player are not permitted to trade or sell properties to each other. Characters can purchase properties owned by their retired characters at the abandoned property cost.

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