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report a pk event


pkmail TITLE

This command post your message to a board that the immortals read to review pk events - attacks, not just kills. The purpose is to allow the immortals to make judgements about the chance citizens might have reported something to the local law, PC's, church officials, etc. as well as review how alignments are being played and watch for excessive pking.

Information on why may also be used to determine what plots the deceased would be out of from a death, so be sure to include what intentions you may have had in that regard (i.e. there is a war, they are one of the enemy, therefore they should no longer be part of that war).

It is advised you use the next info for your message:

Who: (include witnesses, even NPC's you know might have seen something)

What: (mugging, kill, torture, outcome)

When: (mud time from the 'date' command, time of day IC and weather)

Where: (indoors or outdoors and as specific as meaningful, i.e. weapon shop in Shadow)

Why: (if you are the victim, this may be just relating what RP you recall that might have contributed or simply tell how you know the attacker, or if you even know who it was)

How: including relevant info. such as if you were invisible, they were blind the whole time, any special items used or other important details. Again, please be reasonably concise.

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