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Peerless Archer

Requirements: Level 20 in base class
20 Base Dexterity
10 Points Spent in Athletics Skill
Class Feats:L1: ranged sneak attack
L4: sharp shooting
L7: augment arrow

With their trusty bow in their hands, and their quiver at their side, the Peerless Archer brings a new meaning to firepower on the battlefield. Utilizing generations of knowledge and intense training, these practitioners of the art of the bow have attained an accuracy with their weapon that is second to none.

Although many such archers excel on the battlefield, others serve as scouts or skirmishers, harassing their enemies with withering fire. They have a wide range of arrow types, bringing the right arrow for the job in a pinch. Many soldiers on the front lines rest easier knowing that a peerless archer is providing covering fire.

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