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Line Use

All channels on Sundering Shadows are OOC (Out Of Character)

Channels, often called lines in this game, are mud-wide message system we employ for general chatter. You can turn them off for better immersion, if you like. Look into <help lines> for how to do it.

Lines are OOC. This means that when you speak on the line, you are speaking as yourself, the player. You do not need to speak in your character's accent for instance, or portray your character's attitudes to things on the line.

Bear in mind that you are speaking directly to other players and to immortals, not to anyone's characters. Please speak to each other and to us politely and with respect. Even if you are upset about something, you are much more likely to get a positive response if you can refrain from whining, bitching, accusing or swearing.

The fact that lines are OOC also means that you should not discuss any IC information on the lines. Do not use the lines to talk about who attacked whom, what one character said about another, what happened to your equipment, who stole from you or anything similar.

Special Symbols:

@ or % - These symbols belong to immortals. Immortals are staff members, they make this game, run plots and ensure it stays up and running.

+ - Indicates someone speaking from the Discord.

The most common acceptable uses for the lines:

Asking questions about the game's syntax or how to make things work:
The line <newbie> is most suited for this task.

Getting a party together to go adventuring:
You are encouraged to use the lines to form parties, but the request should be in the format set out above. You may not subsequently use the liness to co-ordinate your party's activities if you get split up, or someone doesn't show up, etc.

Newbies are also encouraged to use the lines to get together just for RP, even if they don't intend to go adventuring.

If you are wanting just to contact a specific character, we would prefer that you use in-character means to do so, especially for established characters. This is not a hard and fast rule, but we would prefer you to do it this way.

Asking to speak to an immortal:
Please use the 'least busy' line to do this. The immortals see all the lines, so you have just a good a chance of getting a response, regardless which line you use.

Unacceptable uses of the lines:

Passing in-character information, for example:

  • I've got a +5 sword of destroying. Anyone want to buy it?'
  • Hey Joe, why did you attack me?'
  • I'm lost in the mazelike caverns of doom. Can anyone tell me the way out?'
  • Anyone know where I can find bracers of protection?'
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