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This command will display languages you know.

languages add NUM to LANGUAGE
Adds NUM points that you have accumulated to a LANGUAGE you already know.

You receive an intelligence bonus of language points (but no less than one point) per eighteen hours of playtime, and character age in years since the age you had at the time you have started playing. You are free to distribute these points using the 'add' subcommand, but someone must still <teach> you a basic understanding of the language, and there is no mechanical limit on the number of languages you can learn.

To choose a language you're currently using use the speak command.

The following languages are spoken in Sundering Shadows:

Language: Spoken by:
AbyssalDemons and other chaotic-evil outsiders
AkloEvil-aligned fey, feytouched
AuranFlying creatures, air-based creatures, air genasi
AquanAquatic and water-based creatures, water genasi
BeastBeastkin, gnolls, wemics
CelestialAngels and other good-aligned outsiders
CommonHumans, civilized races
DraconicDragons, kobolds, trained arcane magic users
ElvenElves, voadkyn, centaurs
GoblinGoblins, hobgoblins, bugbears
GiantFirbolgs, ogres, ogre-magi
IgnanFire-based creatures, fire genasi
InfernalDevils and other lawful-evil outsiders
TerranEarth-based creatures, earth genasi
SylvanAnimals, fey
UndercommonBeast/uncivilized races
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