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Local Dragons

Dragons tend to be fairly rare and are high points of interest. This is a list of the dragons that are currently known in the world.


  • Askurin (persona, Loki): Gold, age unknown. Cursed to reside in human form for ill-deeds in the past. Maintains cover as a researcher in Kismet's temple.
  • Mnelarande (persona, Nienne): Silver, young adult. Currently in guise of a young elf female, residing in Synoria. Assists many temples and sages in the area as a dragon researcher. Directed the retrieval efforts that restored bardic magic (players present at the finale know her mortal guise).
  • Zykiero (mob) : Silver, young. An aggressive and angry silver dragon who believes the forces of light are not fighting enough. Seeks a war to push back Ashra's advances.


  • Geonslu (mob): Emerald, age unknown. Lives within the volcano of Tonerra.
  • Srorula (part persona, Hades, part mount, Amasaeele). Topaz. He spent his baby years in Moonstone Vale and tends to reside there or in Parnelli Forest (with the wild elf tribe), but is not well known outside those circles.


  • Vasha (persona, Loki): Black, young adult. Originally adopted by the Mielikkian temple to be “good”, though this is not believed except by those close to the situation. Was aged rapidly by a spell. Possibly remains undercover, aiding the forces of light.
  • Klauth (mob): Red, great wyrm. Often entertains himself by sending locals on nearby islands or the mainlands, scurrying on tasks for his amusement. Resides upon the island of Aramanth.
  • Snarl (mob): Red, phantasmal illusion. Trapped within Demongate.
  • Muln (mob): White, age unknown. Resides in the northern Charu Mountains.
  • Qurell (persona, Lurue/Tiamat, deceased): White, great wyrm. Hunted down by a group of adventurers as a retort for a suspected attack on Tonovi (though Mnelarande was actually the culprit).
  • Zarthaken (persona, Chronos, deceased): Blue, age unknown. Believed to have been residing in Shadow desert. Brought threat against Shadow city and was slain by a large group of adventurers.
  • Darli-Sha (persona, Tiamat, deceased): Green, young adult. Was mostly a cowardly meddler in the affairs of Daggerdale politics while poly-morphed. Since its destruction, she's retreated to Dagger Marsh and into semi-hibernation. Had a spat with Zacharias from which she's now recovered.
  • Kromizmous (persona, Tiamat, deceased): Blue, ancient. Currently very dead resident of Gods Plains, Laerad. Remains were being tracked off-scene for raising as dracolich, but her whereabouts are currently unknown.


  • Zhashabur (persona, Lurue): Mercury, age unknown. Dabbles in human affairs for entertainment and is fairly well known on the mainland, at least to higher up adventurers and some of the temples.
  • Arkhon Bloodscale (mob): Deep, ancient. A political force to himself, and through his representative Rath'argh. Previously involved with Deku and drow in centuries previous, now involved in Dagger's drow city and Darol'dralych.
  • Akshemdarimilian (persona) was killed in 656, unknown type.
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