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The psions known as kineticists deal in raw power, producing awe-inspiring affects. The kineticist is the 'blasting' psion, harnessing energy to do his will. Naturally, these abilities make him quite capable on his own, but parties often desire a kineticist among the group on the philosophy that the best defense is a strong offense.

Discipline specific spells are as follows:

L2 : telekinetic hurl
L11: kinetic aura
L21: energy immunity

Discipline specific spells are as follows:

animate object
energy emanation
energy cone
hold person
energy current
bolt of force
crushing hand
tornado blast

These are optional guidelines you may follow while roleplaying your psion character. Much of it could be obvious to you from the name of the discipline. As always, you are welcome to take another path invisioned by your imagination:

Personality Traits: Kineticists run the gamut of personality types, but the somewhat stereotypical kineticist is the chaotic blaster who merely likes to blow things up. Other, more refined kineticists might be interested in energy from an intellictual standpoint, calmly manipulating it to see what it can do.

Roleplay Considerations: A kineticist would be the psion most likely to be able to produce fireworks for villages and the like. Other psions could of course use minor bursts of light to distract a foe as well. Telekinesis would also be a strong point for these psions, calling minor items through the air to the psion's hand.

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