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Ghostwise halfling

Stat adjustments +2 dexterity, -2 strength, +2 charisma
Innate spells ghost step, telepathic bond
Size small
Standard resonances Light and Twilight
Classes allowed barbarian, cleric, druid, fighter, inquisitor, oracle, paladin, psion, psywarrior, ranger, thief
Normal adventuring starting age 21-32
Average life span 150

Racial Traits

Fearless Immune to fear
Halfling Luck +1 bonus to all saves
Stalker +2 to stealth
Keen Senses +2 to perception


Ghostwise halflings are the rarest of the three subraces, and are far more savage and insular than their cousins, and more attuned with nature. They live within clan groups, and will rarely leave their woodland homes for any reason, abhorring the civilizations of other races. They have minor telepathic abilities, due to the extreme closeness of their kinship. Ghostwise halflings have dark, straight hair and eyes of brown or black. Ghostwise halflings have a natural disposition towards the light, though there are those among them that follow the path of twilight. They value freedom and nature and tend towards a chaotic mindset.

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