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Your retinue is an RP tool that allows you to play as the leader of a group of NPCs. These NPCs are weaker than other players, and suffer significantly more on death. Upon dying, an NPC follower will LOSE all enchanted gear, several levels, and will not be summonable for a time.

If an NPC follower dies too soon after a previous death, it will meet its final death and be removed from your retinue.

Additionally, it will become harder to recruit new followers for a time.

Potential new recruits can be viewed with <follower recruit>, and can be recruited with <follower recruit (id)>

How often NPCs can be recruited, and how often your pool of recruits cycles out, is determined by your character's influence. To prevent an NPC from slipping out of your fingers, the follower pool will be prevented from cycling for thirty seconds after being viewed.

Using the power of modern magic, new recruits can be renamed while they are inactive using <follower rename [id] [name]> . They can also be given a title using <follower title [id] [name]>. The title must include either $R or $N, or an $N will be added for you.

If a follower no longer fits your RP, it can be removed from your retinue with <follower abandon [ID]>


follower (list)
follower recruit (id)\
follower abandon [id]
follower rename [id] [name]
follower title [id] [name]
follower summon [id]
follower dismiss [id]
follower swap [id] [id2] (currently disabled)
follower [id] [command] OR follower command [id] [command]
follower [id1,id2] [command]
follower all [command]

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