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manipulate or view your feats


feats allowed
feats check|add|remove FEAT_NAME
feats racial|martial|spellcraft|hybrid|arcana|divinebond FEAT_NAME
feats list [martial|spellcraft|hybrid|arcana|divinebond|general]
feats fix
feats active

Feats represents specialized techniques or powers a character can learn throughout its career. Some feats are class-specific (usually gained for free with class-levels), while others are generic and must be paid for by adding to your exp tax (see <help exp tax>). A character gains 1 generic feat every 3. level which can be bought in such a way. Feats awarded by character class are added automatically. Some classes gain additional free feats known as bonus feats. When you level your character, you will get notified if you are allowed new feats.

Feats are divided into types (martial, spellcraft, hybrid, arcana, generic, epic) and organized in feat trees. Some feats have prerequisites as specified in their individual help files.

The following commands apply:

<feats allowed> Tells you how many feats you are allowed at your current level.

<feats check FEAT> Tells you if you meet all the requirements to take this feat.

<feats add FEAT> Will add the feat if you have any remaining levelling feats.

<feats remove FEAT> Will remove the feat if you no longer want to retain it.

<feats racial|martial|spellcraft|hybrid|arcana|divinebond FEAT> Will add the feat of given category if you have any bonus feats in it.

<feats list martial|spellcraft|hybrid|arcana|divinebond|general|epic> Displays the specified feat trees.

<feats fix> Will attempt to fix your feat tree. If your feats seem incorrect, use this command.

<feats active> Tells you what feats you have activated.

<feats wipe> Will wipe all your feats once per character or if devs granted you free wipe.

Adding and removing normal feats will add to your character improvement tax (see <help exp tax>) and slow your level advancement. This is to simulate the extra training that it requires to learn the new abilities or to forget your previous training.

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