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Earth genasi

Stat adjustments +2 strength, +2 constitution, -2 charisma
Innate spells ghost step
Standard resonances any
Classes allowed barbarian, bard, cleric, druid, fighter, inquisitor, mage, magus, monk, oracle, paladin, psion, psywarrior, ranger, sorcerer, thief
Normal adventuring starting age 16-19
Average life span 110

Racial Traits

Earth Affinity +1 caster level to acid damage spells
Planar Resistance +2 spell resistance
Elemental Origin +(level / 2) acid resistance
Low Light Vision +2 to sight bonus to see in the dark
Versatile +4 skill points


Earth genasi are humans with an ancestor from the plane of earth, usually an elemental. They are patient, stubborn and contemplative creatures, with the pride in their individuality that is common among genasi, although theirs is a quiet and confident pride, compared to the flamboyant style of others. Often shunned for their differences, they are fortunate enough to have the strength and endurance to defend themselves against tormentors. They feel a strong kinship with the earth, often going barefoot where possible, and are fond of settling down on a piece of land which they stake out as their own. Earth genasi priests prefer to follow a deity that offers the domain of earth. Genasi have no natural disposition towards light or dark, and may follow any path. Their values are often influenced by the nature of their ancestry.

Earth genasi should not be confused with half-elementals, who are a different species, rather than a subspecies of human. They have the appearance of a human except for one or two physical attributes that carry over from their lineage. Some examples are:

- earth-like skin, or with a metallic sheen - eyes like black pits or gemstones - gravelly voice - very large hands and feet - iron-gray hair, or with a metallic sheen - sweats mud instead of water

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