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Welcome to Sundering Shadows! If you are visiting us from Shadowgate MUD, you might be wondering what is different here. Below is a list of things that have changed, or that will change in the near future.

First, make sure to read <help rules>, <help pk rules> and <help post pk rules>. Any changes to these files will be announced. Note that <pkmails> will be mandatory. The files <help fade to black> and <help fade away> should also be of interest.

Secondly, there will be no levelcheck system on Sundering Shadows. You can interact with people of any level, provided you follow the rules explained in the files above.

Thirdly, be sure to read <help races>. All beast races are now PK-races and require a level 30 account. Some races have been removed from character creation; others have been temporarily disabled pending changes. If you already have a character of that race, you can continue to play it. Beast races will be banned from most non-monster cities, except for drow and half-drow who are allowed in Tonovi. Undead are of course allowed in Nurval. Were-creatures and other races that can pass for a non-PK race should be allowed in cities until exposed. Allow some time for these changes to go live.

Other differences of note:

Clerics now gain access to 5 spells per domain that are added to their spell list. They can still cast a prepared spell as a healing spell, but not as a domain spell.

The <reward> command can be used once every hour. We plan for it to be usable once every hour per awarded player. Other RP incentives will be implemented down the line. Roleplay will be expected. We will not police it, but we do expect you to play your character when interacting in the game world.


Any changes made to the game will currently go through Tlaloc. A system will be set up in the future to better handle the coding team, but for now, Tlaloc is the gatekeeper. He, in turn, will run his changes past the creator team.


Law is currently Kismet, Tlaloc, Chernobog, Tsera and Yves. Law can be contacted on or via <lawmail>.


Lastly, like our friends on Shadowgate MUD, we are always happy to hear your ideas and take your opinions into account! Reach out to us on discord or via the <game> command.

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