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Rumours spin throughout the realm of a battle between mercenary companies, pirates, and adventurers. Rumours of attacks on inns and explosions in harbours abound. It is clear the Dragoon’s of the merchant exchange are preparing for a campaign, buying up every billet of steel. And the pirates of the cove continue a campaign of hunting something in the seas.

Word has spread that the Pearl is hosting a contest: A competition on style and creativity in crafting personal demiplanes! There is also talk of a pair of gnomish brothers from Seneca who are setting up camp near the western gates of Torm to help with the demiplane contest, and will be creating illusions of all entries for guests to view and admire. Even the non-magical will be able to take part through the skill and machinations of these talented brothers! Of course, it's through gnomish design, so keep some distance when the sparks start flying…

Travelers were astounded to find the Rhapsody Inn completely destroyed today. The establishment, long a destination for adventurers, seemed to have been collapsed, half swallowed by the earth, and set on fire. Some witnesses say that the inn was attacked by spectral hands, clawing their way through the foundation, while others claim that a bolt of lightning struck the inn, frying a pig that stepped too close. Authorities have yet to make a statement.

The Queen of Torm announces today that Sir Uriah of Torm has been named as Count of the Stable and place din charge of all law enforcement activities henceforth. This is in an effort to reign in the calamity that has befallen the city in recent days.

Reports from Torm indicate that the Pearl Necklace, a local hotspot in the now burgeoning city has been witness to a terrible tragedy. It seems that someone massacred everyone present in the place and left a grisly scene that can only be described as pure horror. Investigators are currently trying to track down this mass murderer.

Madness swept through the city of Tharis, causing normally civilized creatures to lash out in anger. Reports come from all over the city of attacks upon human citizens by various monster races, including a huge troll, a delegation of Yuan-ti, and a terrible vampire. The riot was subdued by Tharis finest, aided by state of the art golems and Tharis' grand protector, Balur Black, and his friends, the human woman known as Maenoh and the troll Angrath.

“Be wary, my friends, for everything that seems real is just part of the illusion!” Announcements have started to go up on the bulletin boards about a grand party being organized by the Pearl in the seaport city of Torm. The establishment has already created quite the reputation for revelry and decadence in a very short time, and there is already a buzz of excitement regarding the event.

Rumour has it that a massive arc of light struck down from the sky to land in the wilderness near Antioch. While the site hasn’t been found officially it’s told that all sorts of people have made their way there. To celebrate, to hunt, or just to gawk. Templars have been dispatched to the wilderness. Perhaps to aid whatever fell. Or to destroy it.

Sir Uriah was knighted in Torm today, to the cheers of the city's subjects. Sir Uriah saved the Queen's life not once, but twice from demons and denizens of the plane of shadows. He has proven a loyal and ardent protector of the realm. All hail Sir Uriah of Torm!

Queen Liana has returned to Torm to the cheering of her loyal subjects. It is said that two would-be heroes brought her to safety after an ambush by demons killed her escort contingent. She has resumed her duties as Queen, surrounded by her moon-elf bodyguards.

The realm has been abuzz with all manner of news of strange happenings. In the Yntala and Tharis forests there have been reports from hunters and travelers alike of strange wolves being seen, creatures leaking darkness and far more aggressive. Some have even seen these wolves led by large lycanthropic monsters leaking the same darkness and all the more vicious. People are being attacked and going missing in the woods far more frequently and even experienced adventurers are disappearing into the woods never to return. The church of Nimnavanon is sponsoring anyone with the skill and will to try to weed these beasts out and find out where they come from as they massacre the forest life and leave their taint wherever they go, despoiling the woods with creeping corruption.

The monster hunters known as the Ghosts seem to be dwindling, though still corpses of monsters and men are appearing in various parts of the realm with their brand. It is whispered that they have made a greater enemy than they expected, as a large camp of theirs was found by hunters in the Yntala off the east bank of the river, slaughtered. Not all remained blissfully dead however as word has it that several rose again as grave knights and marched implacably to the homes they once held in life to brutally murder what living family remained.

It is said they are desperate for new recruits, or a way to turn the tides against the monsters of the world that seem so insurmountable. Several rumors abound of capable men and women approached with offers to join the hunt, though it seems more often than not they are refused for fear of what may happen to their families…

Crowds gather and look on with wonder as the force of Moon Elves enter the gates of the city of Torm with much fanfare. At the head of the column, the Queen's old guardian, Thaonlle rides silently. They quickly meet with the City Guard and set up a perimeter of security around the magistrate's building and establishing their headquarters. Through all of this excitement, the people wonder when the Queen will return to continue her rule.

The nightmarish insect-bat creature that has been tormenting numerous cities in the region has finally been put to death through the gallant efforts of the druid Ulric, assisted by the bard Lizabelle. The creature was brought down after a vicious and hard-won fight. Let all in the realm rejoice at the heroic deeds of these two!

The city of Tonovi is in turmoil in the wake of Duchess Aesa Langenberg's death as multiple factions position for control of the city. A provisional government is beginning to form to maintain order and to handle the question of succession.

A contingent of Moon Elves has been spotted marching from the direction of Aketon, heading south into the Dagger region. Although their destination remains unknown, some say that, at the head of the column rides Thaonlle, former guardian of Liana, Queen of Torm.

An assassination attempt has been made on Queen Liana of Torm! A strange demon creature killed her guards and retinue and she was only saved by the heroic actions of A kitsune named Anwuru and a half-elf named Uriah. The queen has been evacuated to safety to an unknown location. Some whisper that the assassin was disguised as one of her closest friends, Archmage Lorian Gage.

It is with a sad heart that the nobility of Tonovi announce that Duchess Aesa Langenberg died today in her manor on the outskirts of the city. No details are available at this time.

The city of Shadow Council has announced that Councilor Bennett Cantor and Ranger General Elendril have gone missing without a trace. Any information about these disappearances should be reported immediately to the Magistrate's office. Any information with be financially rewarded, of course.

Citizens of the Darkwood region once more live in fear as the cities of Tabor and Azha have come under attack by a hideous insectile bat-winged creature descending from the sky and laying waste to all who oppose it and then consuming their souls. The two cities have raised their guard and now will stand vigilant against the darkness. In addition, a group of heroes has been seen working together to fight this darkness. Anyone with information on this creature should report immediately to the Magistrate in tabor or the Imperial Offices in Azha!

Word has begun to spread more widely of a mysterious group of monster hunters who have taken it upon themselves to rid the world of the scourge of Ashra's children. Though the attempted slaying of Maenoh the Necromancer ended poorly for the young hunters involved it seems that more experienced agents are having success. Rumors flow in from all directions on the mainland as these “Ghosts” make their mark known.

In Tharis a Shade priest of Lord Shadow was felled by silver arrows in a crowded market. Before his body could heal he was set upon by the hunters and decapitated, his severed head branded with a stylized G. The hunters retreated quickly chased by the guard.

In Tonovi, another Shade, this one a traveling diplomat was slain in the Tonovi hotel. His body was found decapitated and branded with the same G in his room.

In Torm a merchant was found dead on his luxury ship in the dock nailed to the deck with silver spikes and the same G brand. In addition the word “Werewolf” was carved into the deck next to the corpse.

In Tabor, a bank teller was found decapitated in the Yntala forest just outside the city, he too bore the G brand though no further indication was left of why he was killed.

It is said that the Temple of Nilith has already begun mobilizing its own agents to deal with the threat and that among their targets have been several powerful undead. With Shadovar targeted there is no doubt that the Princes of Tenebrosa will not sit idly by, and many wonder if perhaps these hunters have not over extended in their efforts. Despite that, support for the cause is wildly popular throughout the realm as people remember the Long Night of terror that they endured when Ashra rose and many are openly seeking to join the ranks of these hunters though it is still not known exactly who they are or where they hail from.

Word has begun to spread that a group of three well-armed individuals clad in non-descript cloaks and armed with silver weapons attempted to slay a dark eyed young woman with black hands outside the Rhapsody Inn. The attackers were set upon by two others in the woman's company, a young feyblooded who leapt from the shadows and laid one low with a quick slash of his blade and a darkly clothed woman who seemed to incinerate another from the inside out. The third was pulled down by a swarm of undead that rose from the ground before being blasted with some form of necromancy from their target that left him a withered husk.

The remains were dumped in pieces near Jarmila's temple though at this time the church has made no public statement about whether it was complicit in the attack, but did gather the remains and give them proper funeral rites.

Rumor has it a hanging took a right nasty turn on Growingdays, 756. The murderess Ruby had finally been brought to justice and was due to hang in Tabor. Many had gathered to see the murderous witch hang for her crimes against the crown. Among them were Magistrate Tadashi, who uttered the death verdict. As he motioned to the hangman to carry out the sentence, Ruby cried out: “A curse be upon your city. You shall all burn!”

The tiefling burst into roaring flames! From her center, waves of fire and arcane energy crashed into the palisade, incinerating guards and citizens alike. The Magistrate attempted to dispel the magic, but a ray of fire shot out from Ruby and killed him! Ruby continued to gather heat and power until she herself burst into fire. Her laughter could be heard echoing above the flames before she died.

Posted on the arcane bulletin board:

Citizens of the Realm!

The Kingdom of Tabor hereby announces the following bounties:

Ruby, a female tiefling with amber eyes and black horns curving through fiery scarlet hair Reward: 00 000 gold

WANTED DEAD or ALIVE for the crimes of multiple murders, inciting fear, fleeing custody, property damage and tampering with an ongoing investigation.

Halvar, A tall male aesatri with long golden hair and intense azure eyes

Reward: 400 000 gold

WANTED DEAD or ALIVE or the crime of murder and the suspicion of aiding a wanted criminal.

Reward will be paid upon delivery of the body, DEAD or ALIVE.


Magistrate Tadashi

On the night of 3 springtime, 756, rumors are swirl in Tabor of a priest of Lysara single-handedly subduing the dreaded whispering spirit. The priest apprehended the spirit on the cross-roads of Tabor and took it to jail, where it is rumored its mask was removed and its identity revealed!

Before justice could be dealt, a terrible demon rose from the very shadows itself and launched an attack on the city jail! It took out the priest and Commander Hill and blasted open the cell doors!

The city is in turmoil as people scramble to make sense of the events. The authorities have issued a statement saying that the investigation is ongoing, and that further information will be revealed soon. They ask anyone with information on the attack to come forwards.

On a cold Winterstime night, 756 SG, a masked figure cloaked in swirling shadows once again attacked Tabor, killing innocent locals and guards in an inferno of fire!

A MASKED figure, cloaked in swirling shadows and oozing fear, emerged from the darkness. As the alarm sounded, a storm of fire erupted around the figure, burning all within reach. The figure then glided through the streets of Tabor, sending waves of fear and fire at the guards and citizens.

“You have destroyed my home! Taken my children! Now I will destroy you!”

The figure growled as it blasted off fireballs. As fire spread and people screamed, and guards rushed to the scene, the figure disappeared again.

As a result of the attack, the Tabor guard has been severely strengthened. Forces should be arriving from Sindh shortly to bolster city defenses. Among those killed is the wizard Alizaire and the telepath Ramirez. Representatives from the Wizard Guild and the Psionic Guild have been involved in the investigation.

Any information that leads to the capture of the spirit will be rewarded with up to 100 000 gold or an upgrade to their magical equipment, courtesy of the Tabor Merchant, Wizard and Psionic Guilds.

The capture of the creature will be rewarded with 500 000 gold by the City of Tabor or a personalized piece of enchanted equipment, courtesy of Tabor Merchant, Wizard and Psionic Guilds.

A night of Murder! On 6 Colddays 755, a creature shrouded in swirling shadows and wearing a cracked ceramic mask attacked the city, killing several guards and innocent bystanders. The creature called forth firestorms and blasts of energy to wreck havoc upon the town. Information that leads to the identification and/or apprehension of the creature will be heavily rewarded.

Good news! The poor orphaned children trapped in the cave-in has been saved! Witnesses say an earth elemental brought the children to safety via a tear in the air itself! The city of Tabor extends its out-most gratitude to those involved in the extraction, both local and foreign.

Not all is well though, as rumors spread of an attack upon the rescue team by a terrible spirit in a ceramic mask, who called fiery rocks down from the sky. Whispers also suggest that two of the rescued children have come down with an illness that puzzles the local healer.

A rock-slide in the mountains near Tabor caused the old temple of Auppenser to cave-in during the night of 19 Harvestdays, 755 SG. Tabor investigators at the scene say they suspect that a group of children may be trapped inside. A team is being organized to clear the area of rubble, hoping to find the kids alive. Outside help is highly appreciated!

On the morning of 22 Growingdays, 755, rumors spread of a terrible murder just north of Tabor. Sorrow flows through the city, as three local men are found burnt to death. They were honest and hard-working fathers, brothers and sons, who will be sorely missed. The City of Tabor is currently investigating matters. Information that lead to the arrest of this heinous murderer will be rewarded! Rumors also spread throughout the region of toys attacking travelers on the roads between Shadow and Tabor, and of toys, food and other small items going missing around farms and in the surrounding forest.

Rumors are spreading from the Rhapsody of a wispy elven spirit wearing a ceramic mask and dismembering folks with a bouncing ball. The Crown of Tabor is offering a reward to anyone who can help them locate the prince's missing porcelain doll, and double the reward for the party that recovers it and reunites it with its owner, the young majesty Prince Antoni. Related? Who knows!

As rain flooded the streets of Torm and the storm ruled the sea, a ghostly light was spotted drifting into Torm harbor. It moved slowly, but steadily against the wind, shedding a hypnotizing glow. The light reached the wreckage of Torm's harbor, revealing at last the hull of a black ship cutting through the roaring waves. A canon fired, its sound drowned by the raging storm. Out of the ship came crawling a battalion of undead that descended upon the city, killing anyone in its way. The city guard responded swiftly, but were overrun by terrible zombies and wicked skeletons.

The wretched creatures were followed by a large, horned entity. Twisted and dark, its shape was only discernable when lightning cracked the sky above. Its battalion of undead made it to the entrance to Torm Park, where they were met by army troops and clerics of Lysara. The weakened and overworked soldiers put up a brave fight, as the clergy channeled the energy of their Goddess to destroy the undead.

A ray of darkness soared through the battlefield, disintegrating the senior cleric. Laughter rung out through the city streets, marking the approach of the horned entity. It waved its mighty claw across the battlefield, bolstering its undead army. Fallen zombies picked themselves off the ground with lopsided grins and attacked with renewed vigor. Dead soldiers of Torm suddenly stirred, darkness radiating from the void in their eyes. All seemed lost.

Amidst the roars of battle and cries of despair from Torm's faltering troops, there could be heard a low singing. Weaving through the battle, was a tall, lanky man in the standard Torm uniform, whose voice was becoming ever louder.

“When reigns supreme, Eternal Night” the soldier sang, “A world devoured by lust and fright. Be free once more, Night's own King.”

And as his melody caught traction with his desperate comrades, his greatsword began to glow. It glowed like the sun itself and the light it shed blinded the zombies and scorched the skeletons.

“Then rise to stay the demon's hand, our Lord of War will walk the land.”

Envigored by the song, a small troupe organized an attack upon the horned entity, striking at the heart of the enemy. Many fell in the attempt, but the singing soldier stood at last before the undead captain.

“And lead the Victor's bells to ring!”

When he clashed with the entity, the man grew to double his own size and began to glow! His armor transformed into a radiant full-plate and his standard issue helmet became a battered, crested closed helm without an eye-slit. Shining steel dug into shadowy flesh. A mighty claw nearly ripped the hero's left arm off his shoulder.

But our hero merely grunted and shouted “In Cevahir's name, begone!”

The shining sword struck a fatal blow and the entity dispersed into whips of smoke.

The singing soldier returned to his normal size and fell limp to the ground. Through his act of bravery, his comrades were bolstered and soon dispersed of the masterless undead. As the dust settled and the blood turned stale, two names circulated on everyone's lips:

Tomas of Torm.

Cevahir, Our Lord of War.

Rumors are spreading from Tharis of the grand opening of the Temple of Ashra, The Primordial Darkness. The feast, while graced by the presence of Shadovhar, Tharis and Tonovi nobility, was not for the faint of heart! You can always trust Balur Black to put on a good show, and word is he delivered! The feast even featured a show of strength and power by a Tonovian noble house and the Princes of Lord Shadow themselves! Blood, gore, delight, desires and several lesser mortals dead, what else would one expect from the a feast in honor of the Mother of Monsters?

The Presence of the Princes confirmed a rumor long circulated among the common folk: That the Shadovhar welcomed Ashra's rise and orchestrated her arrival with the aid of their ever loyal servants of the night. Now that the cat is out of the hat, so to speak, many ask themselves what this revelation will mean for the fragile peace of the realm. Other again question the relationship between Tonovi and Tharis, asking if the deadly end to the night was indeed planned.

Whatever the truth, the delightfully gruesome fact remains: The Temple of The Primordial Darkness is open and She is calling for worshippers.

Eye witness accounts show the storm intensifying to an alarming rate outside the temple. Gale force black mist pounded the temple barriers .

Several travelers who braved the storm were turned into lifeless husks with completely white eyes as the mist formed into a more solid form and attacked them.

Three heroes came forth from the temple and did battle with it. But with the endless night any death for this creature was impossible. It just formed into a pool and reformed itself not but a few minutes later.

Luckily the mist left after seeing that there was no more easy prey to be had on people seeking to travel to the temple for shelter from the storm.

Dozens are dead in northern Tharis. There were no witnesses left alive but people of Tharis said they heard fighting outside the city walls. Guards were sent to investigate but none of them came back. Shortly after a swirling black mist with a terrible aura of negative energy was seen.

It came through the gates following anything living, just being within a few feet of it was enough for a person's eyes to turn white and fall lifelessly to the ground as a withered husk.

Two adventurers came to battle the thing, one was knocked out and the other used hit and run tactics to bait it out of the city and onto the road. It sealed the road with a stone wall. After some time passed the terrible creature's presence could not longer be felt. A dozen guards and several civilians were killed by the creature but it could have been…. much worse if not for the efforts of Magda and Zakisi.

Fire and smoke covered the sky above Tonerra this winter night as the volcano erupted! Lava poured from the mountain, causing great damage to the jungle surrounding it and perhaps also to the nearby village. Smoke keeps pouring into the night sky, billowing clouds carried on the wind, mingling with the elemental storm raging on.

As morning comes, the sky above the Sakrune Sea, as well as most of the mainland, is covered in a thick layer of ash. Only the occasional crack of lightning breaks through the haze. Temperatures drop considerably and the world seems blanketed in darkness. 05/12/2020:
A brutal series of mysterious murders in Torm has culminated in a disastrous showdown with a shadowy villain. Wails of mourning fill the air as families attempt to put together the pieces of their broken homes. The city watch came upon the murderer in the Torm city park as he consumed the grisly remains of his latest victim, four year old Abby Reeve. As the guards moved in to apprehend the killer, he let loose a volley of dark energy, killing everyone around him, including the girl's mother who came to save her child. The ensuing chaos caused a panic as people sought escape and a dozen people were trampled to death by the crowd.

In the wake of the incident, the city guard has been put on high alert, looking for A raven-haired male human with sharply angled features and bloodshot eyes. A reward is being offered for any information leading to the capture or death of this man.

The knight found in the streets of Tharis some time ago, has been proven to be none other than the murdered paladin Kyra of Jarmila, Defender of Antioch. Unofficial sources claim that Shadovar holds the heretics Balur Black and Selucia responsible for the murders of the paladin, as well as that of numerous dead citizens found during the last month. Representatives from Antioch are rumored to have visited the Shadovar hoping to gain possession of the corpse of their beloved paladin. Apparently they left the meeting with empty hands and fuming heads.

Both cities are currently reinforcing their own defenses and redirecting resources to fuel their respective armies.

Rumors abound in Tharis about tortured corpses being dropped from Tenebrosa, discarded like yesterday's garbage. The most prominent among them was a human woman in knightly garments, bearing the holy symbol of Jarmila. The corpses are quickly confiscated by the authorities and no official explanation has been given. Word on the street, however, is that the princes of Tenebrosa are experimenting on humans with little regard for their lives and safety. If you were to listen to the rumors, more corpses are popping up every day…

Word in Tharis is that the Shadovar have placed a bounty on Balur Black, the Toy Maker. It is said that Balur has been spreading word of a heretical faith and attempting to subvert the worship of Lord Shadow. This is unacceptable to the Shadovar dominion and they are offering a reward of 5 million gold for his capture as well as the potential to be granted the gift that Balur so clearly does not deserve, ascension as a Shade and entry into Shadovar society.

Those who aid this fugitive will be considered enemies of the State and will in turn also be hunted down for the propagation of this heretical cult.

A bounty of 1 million gold is also being offered for the Aasimar and false priestess Selucia who is claiming to be a cleric of this false god. She is clearly a charlatan in the employ of Black and her capture is imperative to discover the source of her power and expose the truth to the people of Tharis.

Balur is described as a fashionably dressed , ashen skinned shade in a macabre top hat

Selucia is described as a terrifying aasimar with pale skin and blood-dipped white hair

There is no Darkness beyond Lord Shadow, all shall obey or be crushed beneath the heel of Tenebrosa.

The bounty on the Aasimar who murdered the guards in Tonovi has been claimed by the Shadovar known as Gaius. He brought her head to the city jail and received his payment and also the praise of the various nobility of the city. It is clear that the many noble houses are now eager to gain his favor for use in the ongoing feuds over control of the city…

A bounty of 5 million gold has been placed on an unknown heavily armored female aasimar with long platinum hair in Tonovi for the murder of several guards. Witnesses claim she struck them down with fel powers and then tormented them before gruesomely removing their heads. The heads were found later on one of the city streets in a sack. This bounty is alive or dead and can be claimed by bringing her or her head to the city jail.

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