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Crypt Stalker

RequirementsLevel 20 Ranger
10 Points Spent in Survival Skill
Undead Favored Enemy
16 Base Wisdom
Class FeatsL1: gird the soul
L4: scour the depths
L7: smite the lifeless

In 750 SG, a cult of Nilith summoned a terrifying creature, known as a Nightwalker, into the world. This creature, and its undead horde, spread terror and death amongst the inhabitants of the Dagger region. Hearing of this threat, the Tsarven Emperor sent his elite undead hunters, the Crypt Stalkers, to aid in the fight.

A hunter of the unnatural and undead, the Crypt Stalker specializes in delving through catacombs and graveyards to return the risen dead to peace. His most hated foes are liches and vampires, both formerly mortals who chose to cheat death and become immortal. A keen eye may easily discern a crypt stalker by his penchant for wooden, silver, and cold-iron weapons. These are devastating against lesser undead and experienced crypt stalkers can fight even vampires and greater undead successfully.

Crypt stalkers start their career as rangers; however they eschew the freedom of the open wilderness for the dank hallowed terrain of crypts, tombs, and dungeons. In addition, they must also spend time as a devoted servant of their god. The combination of their faith and independent stubborn natures make them a foe of the undead on par with any paladin. Crypt stalkers can perform admirably as a scout, especially in dungeons and ruins; however they come into their own when leading a party of adventurers in the destruction of a lich's lair or vampire's keep.

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