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Use similar formatting and screencap links for prompt examples. Placeholder for more in depth prompts and client-side prompts, as well.

The OMNI General Prompt


Shows up as:

Prompt Codes: Meaning and Reference

Additional codes:
$_EW eldritch warfare
$_PF psionic focus
$_BI bardic inspiration
$_SC spell combat
$_SR spell recall
$_ES eldritch shield
$EL elementalist
$r rage status
$E eldritch essence
$k available ki
$K maximum ki
$a available arcana
$A maximum arcana
$z available grace
$Z maximum grace
$p power points
$P maximum power points
$u soul burn
$U maximum soul burn
$f lower case shapeshifted form
$B blood hunger percent
From top to bottom for the above (pending better formatting when I get a chance)
Eldritch Knight primary feat status (help eldritch warfare)
Psionic class focus status (help psion/help psywarrior)
Bardic inspiration buff active type (help inspire greatness and the other forms, I think help inspire works)
Magus Spell Combat toggled status (help spell combat)
Magus Spell Recall status (help spell recall)
Warlock Eldritch Shield status (help eldritch shield)
Versatile Arcanist setting (help versatile arcanist, don't remember the name of the feat)
Barbarian rage status (help feats rage)
Warlock blast type setting (help brimstone blast, help blasttype, et cetera)
Ki present (help monk)
Ki max (as above)
Current Magus class resource pool (help enhance among -many- other features)
Maximum Magus class resource pool (as above)
Current Cleric and Paladin class resource pool (help grace)
Maximum Cleric and Paladin class resource pool (as above)
Psionic power points current (help psion, help psywarrior)
Psionic power points max (as above)
Warlock class feature status (help soul burn)
Warlock class feature max (as above)
Your current shapeshift form's race (including Alter Self)
Vampire-only (help vampire)
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