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Three metallic stars arching over a grape vine. This represents the qualities respected by the clan and the fruit that gave rise to their fame and power. The gold star for honest trade, a silver star for faith in the Earthlord, and a copper star for brotherhood within the clan.


The Thunderbellies are a medium-large size clan of moderate nobility. Although the primary power of the clan is seated in Barak Morndin, the clan has a few notable representatives in Kinaro. Then Clan's primary motivation is the accumulation of wealth through FAIR trading and continued respect within the church of Grumbar. The Thunderbellies are fairly recent arrivals to Dwarven nobility. Their ancestors were brewers and wine makers but through careful political maneuvering, were granted noble status following a war with chaotic humanoids in the last 500 years. They are representative of a sort of new higher-class dwarf. Traditional, yes, but somewhat extravagant and transparent in their dealings.


Clanthane Rorick Thunderbelly, dwarf, LG, ??. Live in Barak Morndin. He is rumored to be rather old, but vital and lecherous. He has strong ties with the faith of Grumbar.

Dorik Thunderbelly LN Fighter/Cleric 12. Is the leading authority for clan dealings in Kinaro only. He is the first cousin of the clanthane. He is well-respected as the local elder of the clan. A bit of a pretty boy for a dwarf, and avid lover of wine. He shares some religious duties as well, but holds little strong authority outside of the dwarven community. Defers to Marna when community interests are at stake.

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