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Circle of Light

Symbol: golden circle upon a black backdrop

Location: road between Tabor and Azha

HC's: Aginon Sarleann, Holy Justice of Tyr (LG); Natalia Everstar, selunite nomad (NG); Thellanora Tel'Taure, elf ranger (CG)

Persona/NPC members: Cianna Swiftfingers, tymorran halfling c/t (persona); Nimalae, young elven tormtar knight aspirant (originally rescued from lovites by knight Richard many years previous); Mnelarande, elf-form silver dragon (persona); Marna Brightstone, grumbarryn cleric (persona); Aravin Syness, half-elf tyrran ranger leader (NPC).

Associated contacts: Alessauran and Askle, mystran stars (NPC); Charlyssa, sunite half-fey CG (persona?); Yardleyu's pack of rangers (through Thel).


A fledgeling guild to 'fight back the darkness', originally established by Natalia and took up involvement with several PCs of the day, directed primarily by Azalon. The leadership of the guild faltered upon the assassination of Aginon of Tyr, now several years previous. The loss of her friend seemed to break Natalia's drive to force the young guild to its feet, and while she has maintained contact with most of the guild's members, she hasn't attempted to draw them back into a cohesive group since. Thellanora, ever an individual and elusive from the outset, hasn't stepped up to fill the void, seemingly more interested in continuing her own stealth harassment of Tonovi and its slave trade, alongside the allies and contacts she drew to the guild in the first place. To this end, most of the guild's members have gone about their own individual goals, for lack of any current leadership.

Code: Quote: Though we come from different walks of life, we all strive towards a better tomorrow.

We wish to form a group of those who aspire to drive back the darkness that even now encroaches upon the lands, restoring hope to its people and affording them a fair standard of living. It is our intention to call upon any who strive towards this end, setting aside divisions of rank, race and faith to form a unified front. We will, at this point, be lead in our cause by:

Natalia Everstar Aginon Sarleann Thellanora Tel'Taure

They may nominate other accomplished members to aid those who wish for their guidance, as required. The cause of our group is threefold:

  1. To offer support to those who actively strive for the cause of light
  2. To aid the innocent, the suffering, the oppressed, and those who call upon us with good intentions, affording all people with their basic rights
  3. To oppose the cause of evil, both directly and indirectly

We do not expect to dictate the actions of our members, nor whether they work alone or alongside others, as we all come from different walks of life, despite our common goal. However, we will strive to facilitate those who wish to join with others in their work, and do expect a measure of cooperation between our members. We will not tolerate any in-fighting, and any such will be dealt with swiftly by our leaders.

We expect our members to actively pursue our threefold goals, by whatever means is available to them, and will only invite those to join us whom we believe will meet this requirement. While we do not expect such efforts as lead to exhaustion or personal harm, we will not tolerate those who simply wish to use our group's support to further their own ends, nor those who would use it to further the ends of our foes. Any such will also be dealt with swiftly by our leaders.

Aid will be offered to our members in many forms, both material and otherwise. Any disagreements will be dealt with by the leaders of our group, and decided by a majority vote. Any abuse of the group and its members may result in immediate expulsion, or further consequences as may be dictated by our leaders. Any questions may be directed to our leaders as required.

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