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Arael'vandora: “Heart of the Forest”
Delimbiyran: “the Shining City”
Nelath'piir: “Seasons' Gift”

Dominant subrace: Moon elves
Location: northern Shadow stretch of forests; originally a relatively flat-land area
Rise: during the First Flowering
Fall: circa -11,700SG to -10,500SG

These were the three kingdoms of the north, all predominantly moon elven in populace, with small scatterings of wood elves throughout. They existed within a tenuous truce, having failed in talks of an allied state through the treachery of the dark elves of Ileleste'var, causing the War of the Three Leaves.

Leaving the three kingdoms at odds prevented their alliance in the ensuing second Crown War, when the dark elves of Ileleste'var wiped out all three kingdoms over the course of 1,200SG. The survivors fled into the forests, where they remained until much after the end of the fifth Crown War, when their foes of Ileleste'var had long since descended to the underdark as drow. They returned to gather in a central, hidden settlement within Kilkaen forest, which came to be known as Akh'ketonn.

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