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Your alignment shapes how you act in the world of Sundering Shadows. How you act, not what you do. Having a “cause” does not define your alignment, your alignment will simply direct how you further that cause.

Each race allows certain standard alignments, and you will be restricted in your choices for alignment by what race you choose. Each alignment imposes restrictions on how your character may or may not act. For example, good characters will never use evil spells. Rationalization of the reasons is left to your character's discretion: evil characters may freely argue they are not doing harm and may be objectively right about their version of truth. Ultimate truth, or its absence, is defined only by your interactions and roleplay.

The following interpretations are a means of inspiration, to help you discover your unique niche in the world of Sundering Shadows:

Lawful Good
Neutral Good
Chaotic Good
Lawful Neutral
True Neutral
Chaotic Neutral
Lawful Evil
Neutral Evil
Chaotic Evil

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