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Agent of Chaos

Standard alignments allowed Any
Deities allowed A deity with an inclination for chaos
Races allowed Any


  • Defenses/Qualities
    • No aging. Age category is always normal
    • +2 combat maneuver bonus and combat maneuver defense
    • +10 spell resistance against non-lawful casters
    • 0 spell resistance against lawful casters
    • -25% resistance percent against damage from lawful sources
  • Chaos Field
    • 10% chance for non-helpful spells in area to cause wild magic
  • Warpwave
    • Melee attacks can apply random status effect on failed fort save
  • Innate Spells
    • alter self
    • polymorph self
    • displacement
    • freedom of movement
    • confusion
    • greater polymorph


“Agent of Chaos” is an acquired template that can be applied to any living creature to transform it into the personification of change, free will, creativity, individualism, and, to its evil extreme, madness, savagery, and selfish overindulgence. These agents spark chaos wherever they go, be it by inspiring a revolution, leading others to freedom, or by simply acting on their own whims and desires to promote their bizarre agendas to change the world.

Also known as “Agents of Change”, they are the chosen champions of the gods that granted them powers. While their creation may seem happenstance, only those who have dedicated their lives to uphold the values of their deity may hope to be granted this blessing. Creatures touched by these chaotic forces often bear visible signs such as slowly changing skin tones, hair colors and eyes, or ever-changing markings upon their skin that look like tattoos.

Player characters

Playing as an agent of chaos is hazardous. Some of your powers are unreliable, and your ability to randomly trigger wild magic affects may make you a liability. You feel a innate need to rebel against authority and spread the wondrous feeling of freedom, which often puts you at odds with city officials. Finally, lawfully inclined individuals may seek to quench your torch of mayhem, and you possess some weaknesses against these tyrants.

This template is gifted through great service to a chaotically aligned god.

Warning: This is an advanced character template. It imposes disadvantages on your gameplay: Agents of Chaos are like cauldrons of mayhem and often attract the ire of lawful beings around them.

Note: Agent of Chaos is an acquired template that may only be gained through RP and avatar-interaction.

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