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This section covers rules and advice on how to act in the aftermath of a PK. The first section covers the event of a murder and the second section covers the event of other repercussions.


The dead character will lose some experience and gain a NOPK-flag. While under the protection of a NOPK-flag, they may not engage in hostile role-play or take antagonistic actions. They are also protected from other players. The NOPK flag will last for 4 days, before it is automatically dropped.

During those 4 days, the following rules apply:

As far as the killer knows, the victim is dead. The situation has been resolved and the matter that lead to the death is closed. They may not contact, scry or otherwise attempt to learn anything about the victim. If they accidently bump into their victim, they must ignore them and leave their vicinity. The killer must alert the staff of any plots that they wish the victim temporarily removed from.

The victim has suffered a recent trauma and may be confused and/or weakened. They do not remember who killed them or why, nor the events leading up to their death. OOC they are to consider the situation resolved and the matter that lead to their death closed. They may not contact, scry or otherwise attempt to learn anything about their killer. If they accidently bump into their killer, they must ignore them and leave their vicinity. Additionally, the victim must avoid any plots that directly involves the killer. They can, however, reach out to players that are not defined as “the killers”, such as other victims or people not associated with the death.

If you witness or hear of the death of a PC or see that they have a new NOPK flag, that character is dead until they choose to contact you. Do not contact, scry or otherwise attempt to learn anything about the victim until they reach out to you, or you run into them by accident. You cannot tell them about their death, talk about their death around them or encourage them to learn more about it. If you are talking about it when they enter a room do your best to change the subject or ask them to leave so you can complete your conversation. They also know to not enter that topic. Remember that character cannot avenge their own murder or that of anyone involved in the same PK, even after the NOPK flag has gone. Do your best to keep them out of the loop until the matter is resolved.

After the 4 days are up, the following rules apply:

The killer and the victim may interact normally when they run in to each other in public. Remember that the previous matter is closed and that any new PK actions require new provocations/antagonist actions.

The victim does not and will never remember anything about the PK event, and witnesses or anyone who has heard of the event should not talk to the victim about the PK event. For that victim, it's as if the PK never happened. They won't want revenge and they won't seek to uncover the circumstances of their death.

The victim may involve themselves in any plots, even those that they were temporarily removed from by the killer.

NOTE: A player may use speak with the dead to get information from the spirit of the victim as long as they have not returned from the dead yet. Prior to the victim returning from the dead, they retain their memories.

NOTE: Keep in mind that these rules apply to an actual killing (not knock out) of the victim where the victim is NOT resurrected through magical means by another player afterwards. Resurrected players behave as if they were saved from the PK and continue life as normal.

Other Repercussions

If the victim was not killed, but instead suffered such trauma as torture, dismemberment etc. all role-play may continue naturally from there. The perpetrator should show OOC consideration and give the victim room to role-play the repercussions in a way that they are comfortable with. Repeatedly attacking, beating up and/or robbing the same character is discouraged and will have IC consequences.

Staff Interference

If you find yourself in a situation where you want to role-play the repercussions of a PK, but it is impeding on your appreciation of the game, contact staff via <avatarmail> and present or ask for a solution. Likewise, if you find yourself in a situation where your character is being targeted by higher level players, you can seek help from other PC's or use <avatarmail> to request aid from allies of your church, guild etc., or hire an assassin. Though an IC solution is preferable, an OOC solution is always possible.

Note that it is possible to die in an avatar run plot. In such cases, the avatar in charge will inform you of how to proceed.

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