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Hellfire Warlock

Requirements:Level 20 Warlock
20 Ranks in the Spellcraft Skill
20 Base Charisma (before equipment modifiers)
Races allowed: human, half-elf, half-orc, half-drow, elf, gnome, halfling, drow, goblin, kobold, orc, hobgoblin, ogre-mage, yuan-ti, shade
Class Feats:L1: no fear of the flame
L4: infernal practitioner
L7: hellfire blast

The Hellfire Warlock is a warlock who has taken the additional and perilous step of harnessing the very power of hellfire itself. While this most obviously lends itself to warlocks with infernal pacts, any warlock can potentially seek to wield such power using his existing ability with dark and chaotic arts. Such arts are not conquered lightly; only the hardiest of warlocks can channel such power. The results are even more potent and fearsome than those of most warlocks. Along with a flawless knowledge of the brimstone essence and a greater endurance to flame and fear, the hellfire warlock learns to call down hellfire itself upon his foes.

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